Our Technology


Enjoy the future in the present with advanced cutting edge dental technology. Technology innovations help make life easier for both patient and dentist alike, providing increased reliability and comfort.

Modern Dental Chair+

We use modern dental chair from reputable manufacturer that can integrate with the lastest technology seamlessly. Our dental delivery system has smart ergonomics, thin and comfortable backrest and state of the art LED light. For infection control, the chair is designed to keep clean water in and contaminants out.

Digital Dental X-ray+

Our practice uses a state-of-the-art digital imaging system.

Digital X-ray images are clear, precise and viewable instantly to help you make more informed decisions on your treatment needs. You’ll get in and out of the chair faster.

The high resolution of digital images cannot be matched by film. Digital X-rays can be manipulated by zooming in, highlighting and colour changes, to name only a few advantages. This allows our team to see more, in greater detail.

The digital dental X-ray system is more sensitive than dental X-ray film systems. Your exposure to X-rays is reduced by as much as 90%, making it safer for you and our team.

X-ray images can be stored digitally and unlike X-ray films it will not deteriorate over time.

The elimination of use of film-chemicals is also more environmentally friendly.

PROPHYJET AirFlow Cleaning+

Our AIRFLOW® Cleaning utilizes an air-powder mixture and water which quickly remove plaque and stains in your teeth without causing any pain. It cleans much faster and more thoroughly in comparison with conventional rubber cups. Plaque, soft deposits, and stains disappear quickly without discomfort- even from very tiny areas.

Endodontic Rotary Machine+

Rotary Nickel Titanium files are used to effectively clean the root canals. These instruments allowed us to safely and efficiently clean the root canal system so that we can complete root canal faster.

NV Microlaser+

Soft-tissue lasers are ideal for procedures such as gum tissue contouring and root canal sterilisation. They are safe around implants. Patient’s experience is enhanced because there is no drill, vibration or pain. Healing is more rapid due to reduced scarring, swelling and post-operative bleeding and sensitivity.

Piezo Surgery Machine+

We use ultrasonic bone cutting system driven by piezoelectric technology. This special micro vibrations technique allows for safe selective cutting of bone with minimal heat – and nothing else. With piezosurgery, the system is so gentle and precise. No soft tissue is damaged and this reduces bleeding, swelling and discomfort.

Electro Cauterisation Unit+

Electrosurgery is precise and remove soft tissue with less pressure. It causes little or no bleeding. This will improve visibility during surgery, less blood loss, and faster overall healing. Patients can walk out of clinic faster. Most importantly, scar formation and healing discomfort are lesser.

Apex Locator+

Electronic apex locator reduces the number of X rays required. It assists us to accurately measure the length of the root canal so that the tooth is cleaned to its entire length. Invented in 1992, Root ZX apex locator was the first unit with the ability to work in wet canals. Patented technology delivers an impressive accuracy rate of 97.5%*.

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